Seven-day Insight Meditation Retreat (English speaking) Mon Jul 25-Sun Jul 31

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Seven-day Insight Meditation Retreat (English speaking)
Monday morning, July 25 - Sunday afternoon, July 31

From the morning of July 25 until July 31, those who wishing to practise Buddhist meditation (Bhavana) have the opportunity to discover peace of mind. This seven-day intensive and mostly silent retreat, held among the rice fields and orchards of Pathum Thani, just north of Bangkok, gives you the chance to tread the Buddhist path to awakening and taste self-discovery.

On the retreat, a natural unravelling of stress arises spontaneously. It is open to English speaking adults. You do not have to be a Buddhist to take part but it is important to be respectful of Buddhist traditions.

The YBAT (ยุวพุทธิกสมาคมแห่งประเทศไทย) team and Acharn Helen Jandamit (formerly Rev. Saddharma) – Vipassana meditation master for 36 years, are on hand to guide participants beyond their familiar tendencies of mind and into clarity and peace.

This retreat is suitable for those experienced in Vipassana meditation but beginners are welcome too. Much of the retreat is silent. Single-room accommodation and Thai vegetarian food are provided. Participants keep eight training rules (precepts) during the retreat.

Please apply ASAP as the number of places is limited.

Please see or email for full details in English. You can phone YBAT (ยุวพุทธิกสมาคมแห่งประเทศไทย) on 02-4552525 (10 automatic lines) ext. 4209 or Fax 02-413-0780 or Fax 02-413-3131 for information in Thai.">   




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