T I T L E (1) :
He who always lies goes to hell
And he who denies what he has done.
These tow, the men of base actions,
Share the same destiny in the world to come.


T I T L E (2) :
Clad in the yellow robes,
Ill-behaved and uncontrlooed,
By evil deeds, those evil ones,
Shall go to the realm of woe.


T I T L E (3) :
Better for an immoral
And uncontrlled person
To eat a red-hot and flaming ball
Than to eat the alms of people.


T I T L E (4) :
Four misfortunes befll that man
Who, heedless, courts the neighbour's wife:
Aczuisition of demerit is acquired by him,
He has a bad sleep at night,
Ill-repute he, thirdly, gains,
And hell, fourthly, he attains.


T I T L E (5) :
There is a gain of demerit and evil destiny,
Brief is the joy of frightened couple,
And the king imposes heavy punishment.
Therefore let no man commit adultery.


T I T L E (6) :
As Kusa grass when wrongly grasped
Cuts the seizing hand,
So a recluse's life when wrongly handled
Drags one to hell.


T I T L E (7) :
An act loosely performed,
A vow corruptly observed,
A Holy Life unwillingly lived-
This yields not much fruit.


T I T L E (8) :
Let one do with all one's might
What ought to be performed.
A loose monastic life stirs up
The dust of passions all the more.


T I T L E (9) :
Better left undone is an evil deed,
For it torments one afterwards.
Better done is a wholesome deed,
After doing which one feels no remorse.


T I T L E (10) :
Just as a border city
Is well-guarded within and withourt,
Even so do you guard yourselves.
Do not let slip this opportunity.
For those missing the opportunity grieve,
Having been consigned to hell.


T I T L E (11) :
Of what is not shameful they are ashamed,
But of the shameful they are not ashamed.
Embracing false views as such,
Those beings go to a woeful realm.


T I T L E (12) :
What is not to be feared they fear,
What is fearsome they fear not.
Embracing false views as such.
Those beings go to a woeful fealm.


T I T L E (13) :
They think there is harm where there is none,
And they do not see where harm exists.
Embracing false views as such,
Those beings go to a woeful realm.


T I T L E (14) :
Perceiving wrong as wrong.
Perceiving right as right,
Beings of such right views
In a blissful realm arise.


Source : The Buddha's in the Dhammapada by Sathienphong Wannapok