T I T L E (1) :
For him who has completed his journey,
For him who is whooly free from all,
For him who has destroyed all bonds,
The fever of passion exists not.


T I T L E (2) :
The mindeful ones exert themselves,
To no abode are they attached;
Like swans that quit their pools,
Home after home they leave behind.


T I T L E (3) :
Those for whom there is no accumulation,
Who reflect well over their food,
Who have perceived void and unconditioned
Their path is hard to trase,
Like that of birds in the air.


T I T L E (4) :
He whose corruptions are destroyed,
He who is not attached to food
He who has perceived void and unconditioned freedom-
His track cannot be traced,
Like that of birds in the air.


T I T L E (5) :
He whose senes are subdued,
Like steeds well-trained by a charioteer;
He who is free from pride and corruption-
Such a steadfast one even the gods hold dear.


T I T L E (6) :
Like the earth the Worthy One resents not;
Like the chief post is he a firm mind;
Like an unsullied pool is he of pure conduct;
To such a one life's wanderings are no more.


T I T L E (7) :
Calm is his mind;
Calm is his speech;
Calm is his bodily action;
Perfectly peaceful and equipoised.


T I T L E (8) :
He who is not credulous,
He who has realized Nibbana,
He who has severed all ties,
He who has put an end to opportunity,
He who has removed all desires
He,indeed,is the greatest of men.


T I T L E (9) :
Whether in village or in forest,
Whether in vale or on hill'
Wherever the Worthy Ones dwell-
Delightful,indeed, is that spot.


T I T L E (10) :
Delightful are the forests
Where worldings find no joy,
There the passionless rejoice
For they seek no sensual pleasures.

Source : The Buddha's in the Dhammapada by Sathienphong Wannapok