T I T L E (1) :
Happily indeed do we live
Unhating among those hating men.
Among many hate-filled men,
Thus we dwell unhating.


T I T L E (2) :
Happily indeed do we live
Not yearning among those who yearn.
Among many yearning men,
Thus we dwell unyearning.


T I T L E (3) :
Happily indeed do we live
Not anxious among those anxious men.
Among many anxious men,
Thus we dwell unanxious.


T I T L E (4) :
Happily indeed do we live-
We that call nothing our own.
Feeders on joy shall we be
Even as the Abhassara gods.


T I T L E (5) :
The victor begets hate,
While the defeated lives in distress.
Happily the peaceful lives,
Having given up victory and defeat.


T I T L E (6) :
No fire is there like lust,
No crime like hatred,
No ill like the Five Aggregates,
No higher bliss than Nibbana's peace.


T I T L E (7) :
Of all diseases hunger is the greatest,
Of all pains the comp[ounded things,
Knowing this (the wise realize Nibbana)
Which is the bliss supreme.


T I T L E (8) :
Health is the highest gain,
Contentment is the greatest wealth,
Trustful are the best kinsmen,
Nibbana is the highest bliss.


T I T L E (9) :
Having tasted the flavour of
Seclusion and Nibbana's peace,
Woeless and stainless becomes he,
Drinking the taste of the Dharma's joy.


T I T L E (10) :
Good is it to see the Noble Ones,
To dwell with them is happiness,
By not seeing foolish men,
One may ever be happy.


T I T L E (11) :
Frequenting the company of fools
One surely grieves for long;
For association with fools is ever ill
Just as ever that of foes.
But to dwell with the wise is happiness
Just as relatives together met.


T I T L E (12) :
Therefore - Him the intelligent, the wise, the learned,
The devout, the dutiful and the Noble One-
Such a wise and intelligent man
Should one ever follow
As the moon follows the track of stars.


Source : The Buddha's in the Dhammapada by Sathienphong Wannapok