TITLE (1) :
Should one see a wise man,
Who, like a revealer of treasures,
Points out faults and reproves,
Let one associate with such a one,
Well is it, not ill, to associate with such a one.


TITLE (2) :
Let him admonish, exhort
And shield from wrong
Truly, pleasing is he to the good,
Displeasing is he to the bad.


TITLE (3) :
Associate not with evil friends;
Associate not with mean men;
Associate with good friends;
Associate with noble men.


TITLE (4) :
He who imbibes the Dharma
Lives happily with the mind at rest.
The wise man ever delights
In the Dharman revealed by the Noble.


TITLE (5) :
Irrigators lead water;
Fletchers fashion shafts;
Carpenters bend wood;
The wise tame themselves.


TITLE (6) :
Even as asolid rock
Is not shaken by the wind
So do the wise remain unmoved
By praise or blame.


TITLE (7) :
Just as a lake is deep, clear and still
Even so the wise
On hearing the Dhamma,
Become exceedingly peaceful.


TITLE (8) :
The good renounce everything
And do not speak hankering after desires.
Touched by sorrow or happiness,
The wise become neither elated nor depressed.


TITLE (9) :
Neither for one's own nor another's sake
Should one commit any wrong,
Nor, by unjust means, should one desire
Sons, wealth, state or one's own success.
He should be virtuous, wise and righteous.


TITLE (10) :
Few are there among men
Who go to the further shore,
The rest of this mankund
Only run up and down the hither bank.


TITLE (11) :
Those who conform to the Dharma
That has been well expounded --
Those are they who will reach the Beyound,
Crossing the realm of death, so hard to cross.


TITLE (12) :
Coming from home to the homeless,
The wise man should abandon dark state
And cultivate the bright.
He should seek great delight in solitude,
So hard to enjoy.


TITLE (13) :
Giving up sensual pleasures,
With no attachment
The wise man should cleanse himself
Of the impurities of the mind.


TITLE (14) :
Whose minds are well perfected
In the Factors of Enlightenment,
Who without clinging, delight in detachment --
They, the corruption - free, radiant ones,
Have attained Nibbana in the Here - and - Now.

Source : The Buddha's in the Dhammapada by Sathienphong Wannapok

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