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B U D D H I S T  N E W S

January 2005

News in pictures
Dharma Drum Mountain will establish several relief centers in Asia
Monks ward off Thailand's evil spirits
Religions try to explain tsunamis
Buddhism's influence on American letters
Robert Thurman on Uma's Buddhist name
A Tibetan love affair
A succesful woman

News in pictures
Singapore's Buddhist Fellowship volunteers head to Sri Lanka for relief
Indian cops deploy divers for Buddha
Getting good at letting go
Family finds ministry a way of life

News in pictures
Sri Lanka Supreme Court deems Buddhism bill unconstitutional
Funding to repair 43 damaged temple in Sri Lanka
Prince Charles visits London Buddhist Vihara to see relief effort
Loss of Buddhist scholar, Mr. Kariyawasam passes away

News in pictures
Canadian temple offers proceeds to Red Cross
Thai monks not spared from violence
UK Buddhist group bids for college
Meditation gives brain a charge
Crash kills 54 Buddhist pilgrims in China
Corpse meditation serves monks well

News in pictures
Buddha statues unscathed by tsunami, some see divine
Utah Buddhists pray for victims
Lord Buddha's teaching: Peace is the essence

News in pictures
Tsunami: A cold reality
Thais mark New Year with merits
When nature misbehaves, humans have to weep

Candle-lit vigils as region mourns at New Year
No Buddha statues damaged in tsunami
Chinese Buddhists send condolences to tsunami-hit countries
Hongkong Buddhist Association donates HKD1 million
Dalai Lama prays for victims
Tzu Chi launches global fundraising campaign for tsunami victims
Dharma Drum brings together global compassion for disaster relief
Sri Lankan monks beg alms for victims
Indian police continue search for missing Buddha head
Buddhists open temple for homeless Catholics
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