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Dharma Drum Mountain will establish several relief centers across Asia

Taipei- The Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Social Welfare and Charity Foundation will establish several relief centers in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia to assist the disaster survivors, to rebuild their facilities and to advise them how to cope with their trauma feeling toward the victims.

The Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, Deputy General Manager Mr. Wong Che Hsiung and the staffs of the Taipei City Fire Department, those who are the first task force among others from the international community, have returned to Taiwan on the dawn of January 2 prior to other members of the Taiwan task force.

Mr. Wong disclosed that the Taiwan task force has assigned 500 kits of canvas tents which donated by Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association and canned food and beverages plus other rescue resources which are the first batch of rescue resources from Taiwan to Banda Aceh, Indonesia on December 29 and have made them available to those survivors.

According to Mr. Wong's perspective obtained from his witness and understanding, numerous victims' corpuses were not buried yet and deteriorated regional hygiene, therefore the survivors demanding clean food, drinking water and sterilized tools and substance.

In particular, because those survivors were currently encountered by the tremendous tsunami disaster which horrified their mentality and they suffered the loss of relatives, therefore the mental pacification and reconstruction are not merely demanding but it equally deserves long term follow-up measures.

Over these years, the Dharma Drum Buddhist Social Welfare and Charity Foundation has endeavored to enforce Spiritual Environmentalism as the principal axle of the disaster recovery engineering for those survivors and knows well that the urgent salvation should emphasize the spiritual comfort and support to strengthen the survivors. However, the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Social Welfare and Charity Foundation has intention to respectively establish the relief centers in Medan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

In addition to the Dharma Drum Mountain staffs in Taiwan, we will organize the other Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association followers domesticated in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand to access the aforesaid relief centers established by the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, on the one hand, they are familiar and competent with purchase those rescue resources for local survivors and apply the Buddhism method of pacifying mentality to assist them and ameliorate their trauma and bring anticipation and energize their depressed affection to overcome their worst condition of subsistence.

Next to these measures, the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association staffs will closely solidify the support system of governmental and civil organizations to provide the necessary rescue measures for these people.

Being an experienced and professional in the disaster rescue engineering, when Mr. Wong entered into Band Aceh at the first moment, he was shocked once again by the terrible disaster phenomenon in spite of his prior diverse disaster rescue experience.

He indicated that the tsunami swirls ten thousands of the innocent sentient people, foreign people will confront a spectacle of devastation wrapped around the area there are numerous corpus awfully scattered on the open field, many poor survivors expressing sorrowful complexity because of their sudden loss of kindred and survivors queue up for ordinary resources assigned by the working staffs of the international charity organization, in addition, the anxious refuges crowed in the Banda Aceh airport planned to rush out of the territory and other residents who still stayed because they have no way out to escape merely wondering around streets and coolly overlook the ruins everywhere.

None of people would be disengaged with the spectacle if they once situate there.

When he recollects what he has encountered, Mr. Wong sorrowfully reported to the interviewers that one survivor who suddenly lost all his members of family in the overwhelming seaquake and in the flood he constantly intonated the Buddhism incantation, it is inconceivable that he was elevated by a huge force and immediately grasped a cable fallen from the sky, thereafter he secured his own life and then was survived from the disaster.

On the other hand, the tsunami survivors were inerasably impressed by the calamity and horrible affection and shock. A refugee who rushed out from the disaster area to the relief center recalled that the terrible seaquake looks like a soaring wall of flood to assault the residents and the horrible impression still deeply remained in his mind resulted in hydrophobia and fear of the huge architectures.

Mr. Wong indicated that these tsunami survivors currently suffered from dual adverse impact of the potential disaster horrors and the loss of kindred, they require long term comfort and spiritual reconstruction, thereafter Dharma Drum Mountain will employ the Spiritual Environmentalism that we have accumulated much experience and it is one of the long term targets the Dharma Drum Social Welfare and Charity Foundation will be endeavored in the future. [DHAMMA TIMES]

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