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Wat Phichayayatikaram Woravihara ( Wat Phichaiyat )

Wat Phichayayatikaram Woravihara ( Wat Phichaiyat ) is situated near the Phra Phuttha Yodfa Bridge, on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River. It had been an abandoned temple, and then in 1841, Chao Phraya Phichaiyat ( That Bunnag ) commissioned the construction of Wat Phichaiyat and presented it to King Rama III as a royal temple. The temple was given the name of Wat Phraya Yatikaram; however, people generally call it Wat Phichaiyat.

Wat Phichaiyat has a beautiful ground. The phra ubosot is in the Chinese style and is not very large and does not have chofa, bai raka. Outside the phra ubosot there is a round stone pillars (phalai) at the base of which are bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the Chinese epic "Sam Kok". On both sides of the phra ubosot are chedi on tall pedestals.

The temple houses a large phra prang on a high base. This can be seen from afar, for the prang is 21 wa (42 meters) high, and the open space in front of it makes it look even taller. Of interest also are the monks' residences which are in the Western style. The once beautiful wooden fretwork and plaster decorations have mostly rotted away.

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Wat Phichayayatikaram Woravihara
Somdej Chao Phraya, Khlongsan, Bangkok
Most Important : Royal Wat : Second Class
Nikaya : Mahanikaya
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