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Wat Dusidaram Woravihara
ROYAL WAT : Third class

Wat Dusidaram Woravihara ( Wat Dusid ) is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, near the mouth of the Bangkok Noi Canal and the approach to the Pin Klao Bridge on the Thoburi side. It was an ancient temple called originally Wat Sao Prakhon. Somdej Phra Chao Boromawongther Kromluang Srisunthornthep, a son of King Rama I, had the temple reestablished. Krom Phrarajawang Boworn Mahasenanurak renovated the temple in 1913 and rename it Wat Dusidaram . A small, neighboring temple which was abandoned, called Wat Phumarin Rajapaksi, was also incorporated into Wat Dusidaram.

In the phra ubosot there are murals which were executed by artists of the First Reign. The murals on all four walls depict scenes from the lives of the Buddha. In front of the presiding Buddha image is a scenes of Marn Phachon. Highly praised is the scene of hell on the wall behind the presiding image, which appears very life-like.

Also of interest is the gallery running around the phra ubosot with 64 niches cut into the wall, each niche containing a standing Buddha image in the thawai netr pose. There were also murals along this gallery, but they have long since faded away. Outside the gallery walls there is a redented phra chedi decorated with plaster fish, mermaids and mythical elephant-like animals all around the base. It is commonly called the Chedi Pla or fish chedi. It is now in poor condition. There is also the old phra ubosot of Wat Phumarin Rajapaksi which, though small, is beautifully proportioned. On the gable in plaster is depicted Narai riding the Garuda and a peacock displaying its tail studded with colored glass. Another interesting structure is a rather small old phra vihara with a curved base in the shape of a junk.

Detail Wat
Wat Dusidaram Woravihara
Arun amarin, Bankoknoi, Bangkok
Most Important : ROYAL WAT : Third class
Nikaya : Mahanikaya
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Wat in Thailand

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