Luang Por Ajahn Sumedho

Born Robert Jackman
July 27, 1934 (Age: 75 years)
Seattle, Washington, USA
Occupation Buddhist teacher
Title Luang Por Ajahn Sumedho
Predecessor Ajahn Chah
Religion Theravada Buddhism


Luang Por Ajahn Sumedho (Thai: อาจารย์สุเมโธ) (born Robert Jackman, July 27, 1934, Seattle) is the senior Western representative of the Thai forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism. He has been abbot of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery just north of London since its consecration in 1984. Luang Por meansVenerable Father (หลวงพ่อ), an honorific and term of affection in keeping with Thai custom; ajahn meansteacher. A bhikkhu for 40 years, Sumedho is considered a seminal figure in the transmission of the Buddha's teachings to the West.

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    Aj Sumedho - Acceptance.mp3

    Aj Sumedho - An Opportunity to Be Free.mp3

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    Aj Sumedho - Awaken to the Natural Flow.mp3

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    Aj Sumedho - Birthday Talk 27-7-2006.mp3

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    Aj Sumedho - Exploring Conscious Experience.mp3

    Aj Sumedho - Exploring Desire and Becoming.mp3

    Aj Sumedho - From Somewhere to Nothing.mp3

    Aj Sumedho - Getting Out of The Sewer.mp3

    Aj Sumedho - I Dont Know Death.mp3

    Aj Sumedho - Ideas of How You Should Be.mp3

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    Aj Sumedho - Relaxed Receptivity.mp3

    Aj Sumedho - Space and Consciousness.mp3

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