Luang Por Ajahn Amaro

Ajahn Amaro (born 1956) is a Theravada Buddhist monk and teacher, and abbot of the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery at the eastern end of the Chiltern Hills in south east England. The centre, in practice as much for ordinary people as for monastics, is inspired by the Thai forest tradition and the teachings of the late Ajahn Chah. Its chief priorities are the practice and teaching of Buddhist ethics, together with traditional concentration and insight meditation techniques, as an effective way of dissolving suffering.

    Amaro - 4 Heavenly Messengers.MP3

    Amaro - A Place of Selflessness.MP3

    Amaro - Absence and Cessation.MP3

    Amaro - Accepting_the_Unbearable.mp3

    Amaro - All Your Thoughts Are Garbage.MP3

    Amaro - Basis_Talk.mp3

    Amaro - Cause and Effect.MP3

    Amaro - Contentment.MP3

    Amaro - Death_and_the_Deathless.MP3

    Amaro - Do_You_Want_My_Toenails.MP3

    Amaro - Doubt.MP3

    Amaro - Fearless_Mountain.mp3

    Amaro - Fleeting_Pharaohs.MP3

    Amaro - If_Were_Mindful_We_Wont_Suffer.MP3

    Amaro - Illusions of Control.MP3

    Amaro - Its_More_Delicious_If_You_Share.MP3

    Amaro - Kindness.MP3

    Amaro - Learning From the Hindrances.MP3

    Amaro - Learning to Fail Perfectly.mp3

    Amaro - Letting Go of the Self-view.MP3

    Amaro - Listening to the mind.MP3

    Amaro - Magha Puja 2006.MP3

    Amaro - Mindful of the Body.MP3

    Amaro - Opening the Dhamma Eye.MP3

    Amaro - Realizing_the_End_of_Suffering.MP3

    Amaro - Refuge.MP3

    Amaro - Right Action.MP3

    Amaro - Shelter_of_Equanimity.mp3

    Amaro - The Flavor of the World_24kbs.MP3

    Amaro - The Simplicity of Knowing.mp3

    Amaro - The World of Feelings.mp3

    Amaro - The_Abs_of_Jello.MP3

    Amaro - The_Eight_Worldly_Winds.MP3

    Amaro - Where_We_Wont_Itch.mp3

    Amaro - Winter_Solstice_2005.MP3

    Amaro - Working_With_Mind-Demons.mp3

    Amaro - the_eye_of_wisdom.MP3

    Amaro - turning_the_light_around.MP3

    Amaro - whats_a_guy_to_do.MP3