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  T I T L E (1) :

Heedfulness is the way to the Deathless;
Heedlessness is the way to death.
The heedful do not die;
The heedless are like unto the dead.

  T I T L E (2) :

Realzing this distinction,
The wise rejoice in heedfulness,
Which is the way of the Noble.

  T I T L E (3) :

These wise, constantly meditative,
Ever earnestly persevering,
Attain the bond-free, supreme Nibbana.

  T I T L E (4) :

Of him who is energetic, mindeful,
Pure in deed, considerate, self -restrained,
Who lives the Dhamma and who is heedful,
Reputation steadily increases.

  T I T L E (5) :

By diligence, vigilance,
Restraint and self-mastery,
Let the wise make for himself an island
That no flood can overwhelm.

  T I T L E (6) :

The ignorant, foolish folk
Induge in heedlessness,
But the wise preserve heedfulness
As their greatest treasure.

  T I T L E (7) :

Devote not yourselves to negligence;
Have no intimacy with sensuous delights.
The vigilant, meditative person
Attains sublime bliss.

  T I T L E (8) :

When banishing carelessness by carefulness,
The sorrowless, wise one ascends the terrace of wisdom
And surveys the ignorant, sorrowing folk
As one standing on a mountain the groundlings.

  T I T L E (9) :

Heedful among the heedless,
Wide-awake among those asleep,
The wise man advances
As a swift horse leaving a weak nag behind.

  T I T L E (10) :

By vigilance it was that
Indra attained the lordship of the gods.
Earnestness is ever praised,
Carelessness is ever despised.

  T I T L E (11) :

The bhikkhu who delights in earnesstness
And discerns dangers in negligence,
Advances, consuming all fetters,
Like fire burning fuel, both small and great.

  T I T L E (12) :

The bhikkhu who delights in earnestness,
And discerns dangers in negligence,
Is not lisble to fall away;
He is certainly in the presence of Nibbana.


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